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How does goo.ey work?

goo.ey works by suction. When a goo.ey case is pressed firmly on to a flat surface, the air between them is pushed out, creating a vacuum. The goo.ey case will grip very strongly to suitable surfaces at room temperature.

What is goo.ey made of?

goo.ey is made of an enhanced epoxy, which feels smooth to touch and not sticky.

What are suitable surfaces for goo.ey?

goo.ey grips to flat, glossy surfaces such as mirror, glass and acrylic. Customers also report that it works well on other flat surfaces like marble and metal. However, please take care by testing first to ensure it holds firmly. You always use goo.ey at your own risk. The surface must be: FLAT, DRY, CLEAN, SMOOTH, EVEN (NEVER use goo.ey on rough, bumpy, uneven, cracked or curved surfaces).

Please use the goo.ey Klip Kase version for the car ONLY. The Klip Kase has a pop-up clip that attaches to the air vent/fan grill on your dashboard.

What is a suitable temperature for goo.ey?

goo.ey works very well at room temperature.

Please do NOT use in the following conditions:

  • Hot temperatures above 25°c/77°f
  • Cold temperatures below 15°c/59°f
  • Steamy, wet or very humid environments

How do I use goo.ey?

Put your goo.ey case on your mobile phone or tablet. To mount your device on a surface, make sure both goo.ey and the surface are clean and undamaged. If your goo.ey needs cleaning, wipe with a damp cloth and allow to dry. Press firmly into place, until you can feel that it has attached with a strong grip.

How do I remove my device from a surface?

As goo.ey works by pushing the air out from between two surfaces, you need to let the air back in to remove it. Simply use your fingertip to gently lift any part of the device and it will then come away easily.

How do I reuse goo.ey?

You can reuse goo.ey over and over again. However, when you remove your device from one surface, please wipe the goo.ey case clean to remove any dirt, dust or oil. Then, make sure it is dry and undamaged before attaching it on to another surface at room temperature. goo.ey will not leave a sticky residue.

How do I clean goo.ey?

Your goo.ey should be wiped clean regularly to remove any dust, dirt or oil. Wipe with a damp cloth and allow it to dry before using it again.

How long will my goo.ey last?

Your goo.ey should last for as long as it remains undamaged. You can enjoy using it for a long time.


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